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Meladerm Cream

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Meladerm - Quality Research And Development To Help Your Skin

Meladerm cream is a skin lightening product created with careful research to help users rid their skin of unsightly blemishes, skin darkening, scar tissue, and uneven skin tones. The product idea was first thought if in 1999 and after 4 years of highly detailed and carefully considered research, it was introduced to the public in 2003.

But, the research did not stop after the product became public because even now research and development is still working on an already successful skin lightening product to make it even more satisfactory for its users.

Most skin lightening products have similar ingredients, but Meladerm has taken the traditional ingredients and formula used and then took them to a whole new level with better manufacturing process and improved delivery technology in the containers to provide you with the most powerful and safest product available.

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Unique Features Of Meladerm Skin Lightening

Although most skin lightening products have similar ingredients, Meladerm wanted to take away some of the less successful or possibly harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, and Paraben.

By removing those items they were able to then provide higher levels of the active ingredients that work well to lighten skin. In fact, Meladerm provides the highest content for the active ingredients at the safest level for most skin tolerances in the industry, thus increasing the likelihood of successful use of the cream.

Another unique feature about Meladerm is that through their careful research they have been able to improve all aspects of the cream, from the active ingredients to the base ingredients, to the delivery of the product through technology that makes the product work better and last longer.

The research for the active ingredients helped them learn better ways to preserve the ingredients in their raw form so that when they are combined to create the cream, they are at their most potent levels. The sophisticated research also taught them what influences affect the ingredients such as air and light.

For instance, some of the active ingredients are stored in special vacuum desiccators that protect the properties of the ingredients from oxidizing air and light so that the product is at its most potent for the user who opens the container at home and applies the cream to help improve the appearance of their skin.

The Benefits Of Meladerm Cream

Meladerm is a skin lightening cream that helps users improve their skin tone and reduce blemishes. It also helps protect the skin from further damage with consistent use. Users who feel that their skin could look and feel better may find that Meladerm will take care of these types of skin conditions:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age or liver spots
  • Freckles
  • Tanning and sun damage
  • Melisma and Chloasma
  • Acne marks and old scars
  • Birthmarks
  • Dark areas: elbows, knees, underarms, and knuckles

The product is potent so it should be used with care. Apply it only twice per day, in the morning and in the evening.

If you are pregnant or nursing, you should not use Meladerm. If you have other skin conditions or concerns, consult your doctor before beginning a skin care regiment that includes this product.

Two Key Ingredients And How The Container Makes Them Work Best For You

Meladerm has many active ingredients, but some are significant not only for what they do for the skin, but in how they essentially improved the cream due to certain elements of their composition. Indeed, a few of the ingredients are the main reason for the technology used in the container and its delivery system.

Most creams are contained in a bottle with a pump and straw to deliver the product, which obviously is exposed to air with the suction produced by the pump through the straw method. But, the careful research at Meladerm found that air and light affects the efficacy of the active ingredients by oxidizing them, which also reduces the shelf of the cream.

The Kojic acid and Arbutin tend to oxidize upon contact with air and light, so the special system in Meladerm containers that uses a vacuum and piston system helps prevent air and light from damaging these active ingredients.

Another great thing about the delivery system is that not product is wasted so you won't waste a dime throwing away product you can't get to with the old school packaging.

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Meladerm Cream

What Is Meladerm Cream

The results have been fantastic!

It is worth the money and livaes up to the hype. Help it along by wearing sunscreen and be patient! I have found my regime now - it's shame it's taken me to get to my forties to do so :) Good luck everyone and thank you Meladerm !

- Kathy H.


Meladerm has really given me back my confidence! I've been a user for about five months and my skin is almost completely cleared. I had so many black spots on my face and forehead and just overall it looked so much darker than my real skin tone. I used Meladerm and have been going for regular facials and the results have been tremendous that even the woman who did my facial was aksing what I use!! I would highly recommend that everyone try this product because it can really help you feel proud in your skin!

- Tyra B.


I wanted to take the time to endorse this product because it actually works!! My esthetician commented on my skin and noticed the improvement in my overall skin condition. This product works!

- Mel

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